Mt. Graham Red Squirrel

Mt Graham red squirrelThe Johnson Foundation Conservation Center at the Phoenix Zoo currently maintains a population of Mt. Graham red squirrels listed as endangered in 1987.  The Zoo is working with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to develop a pilot breeding program, focusing on establishing a sustainable method to breed and release Mt. Graham red squirrels back into the wild.

This image is one of three paintings of the Mt. Graham Red Squirrels that were presented to donors for the Johnson Foundation Conservation Center.

Art Statement Walking Softly

painting of a bobcat by Linda BudgeDuring an art studio tour, several people had congregated outside my studio at the refreshment tent, talking and enjoying the lovely weather.  Unbeknownst to most, a small bobcat walked up the path, sidling thru the wild marigolds.  As I watched thru my studio window, it paused several times, eyeing the people, evidently curious.   Remarkably self assured and unafraid, I thought.  Kitty attitude!! And definitely, typical bobcat behavior.

Spring Color

spring colorsThe area surrounding Bartlett Lake was ablaze with color this year.  A riot of yellow covered most of the hills.  The culprit for this phenomenon is known as the Arizona poppy.  It is usually yellow or orange with a red center, but this year I came across several groupings of white poppies.  I discovered some rather interesting facts from the Internet about poppies:  A seed must be several years old before it can grow;  Once the flower blooms, it only stays open for one day.  Can you imagine how many flowers are blooming throughout our spring season?

Every year, or at least most years, I drive through the canyon to view these wildflowers.  I felt very inspired and had decided  to create a painting featuring those enchanting little poppies.

Rabbits Are…

bunny rabbits linda budgeEveryone has a different adjective for a rabbit; cute, adorable, comical, silly, soft, cuddly, endearing, entertaining, even annoying.

As a painter of rabbits, I find that I never run out of ideas to portray them.  They hop and jump into situations that are meant, simply,for rabbits only; twitching their ears, chasing one another, and digging holes.  They turn up in the most delightful places.

My word for them is irresistible!

“The Peeps”



Change the lens thru which you are viewing the world.  Adjust your glasses to ground level, and enter the extra-ordinary world of “the Peeps”.  The peeps are newly hatched baby quail embarking on their new life.  What will they encounter, how will they react, what challenges await these little birds.  I have adjusted my viewpoint, and with my brushes and paint, I am sharing “The Peeps” and their adventures with you.