Why do I paint animals

I was 12 years old when I won first prize in a poster contest.  I had painted three large rabbits.  You could find rabbits, deer, dogs, mice, horses….. a lot of horses in my early sketches.  Animals, obviously made a huge impression on me as a child.  I can look back at these images and I can see that my personality was already forming.  I loved the outdoors and all the animals that lived in it.  Even today, I am still painting scenes that include wildlife.  A story told in each piece.  I can’t image doing a painting without an animal.  It has been a constant theme in my art and will be first and foremost in my mind when I start a painting.

Linda’s Letters The Wildlife Experience

My entry, “A Desert Trio” was juried into the “Wildlife Experience in Art” show and sale at the Wildlife Experience in parker, CO.  The show will run from Sept. 28, 2013 to Jan. 5, 2014.Desert Trio 4 x 6

Linda’s Letters #013 Society of Animal Artists art show

I have been juried into the 53rd annual Society of Animal Artists art show to be held in Bennington, Vt.,  Oct 4th, opening receptionThe Yearling



Linda’s Letters

There are various kinds of edges, hard, firm, soft and lost.  In this piece you can see that I’ve used every type of edge.  Some of the edges become more important because the focus is sharper.  We are usually drawn to more defined edges, and I like to use these edges to guide the viewer’s eye throughout the painting.